Watching The Social Network without audio.

Its making me think a lot, because well. Since I can’t rely on the audio, I can’t rely on their voice, the pitch, the tone, and what they are saying (although I’ve seen it enough times, about 36 now, to know what they are saying), to really look for the subtext of what they’re saying or feel the power of it…I find myself having to rely on their facial expressions. And just…fuck man. This movie was robbed, because its just. You notice so many things with just their facial expressions. So many things, the way Mark, as hard as he tries to appear stoic or as an asshole and detached, he is so fucking hurt. It shows in his eyes, the hurt and loss in them, and the way his body is positioned during the entire deposition. 

Uh, this movie. I just don’t know how this movie didn’t manage to win every award because its not only that the screenplay was beautiful, but the actors…the actors just used everything. Every inch of their body, every tiny little microscopic thing, its in tune. Its in tune to their character to the emotion, to the mannerisms and they are perfect to a T.

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